Finally, good news for M395X users

Last week mXDriver 16.8.2 was released in an M395X Alternate Edition. According to the feedback of the community this edition seems to be the first working Boot Camp Driver Mod for AMD’s Apple branded M395X! Also it seems to solve some of the M390X problems.

So if you do own a M395X or M390X and are not happy with AMD’s/Apple’s lame driver support for Windows Boot Camp environments give mXDriver 16.8.2 M395X Alternate Edition a try and please leave feedback. Without feedback it’s impossible to improve mXDriver. Thanks guys and have fun!


For installation your Windows needs to be in Testsigning Mode otherwise installation will fail!
For prerequisities and installation details please see the mXDriver Howto.

Download experimental M395X Alternate Edition: mXDriver-16.8.2-64Bit-Win10-M395X-Alternate-Edition

SHA1 Checksum: 1e26f05cf8269dfbbe75b6914e4bb6efa596f2ba

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  1. Joe, thanks for your excellent work so far. One question: Does your alternate driver include M390 support? I did manually install the drivers, without using MXDriver, and they work fine, but having a pre-packaged version would be great for future updates.

    If you’ve included the modifications for M390, I’ll uninstall the existing drivers and gives yours a try (and report back of course). Please let me know.

    Once again, thanks! It’s great to be able to use updated drivers finally.

      • Thanks for the quick reply, Joe. I will try it today and report back here.

        • It does work with the M390 as well! I just installed it and checked out my usual games – Doom, ETS2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, GTA V etc. All working fine. That being said, I do not know if there are performance improvements – my 3DMark score has remained pretty much the same compared to the stock bootcamp drivers. However, there are definite benefits – DirectX 12 support for one.

          BTW, did you use an older installer for this alternate version? The Radeon settings shows 15.11 with an upgrade prompt for 16.7.3. Also it didn’t prompt for Vulkan RT, Gaming Evolved support etc during installation as it did when I had installed manually earlier.

          • This is fixed by running the standard 16.8.2 mxdriver and deselecting driver component, as explained in my comment a little further down. Thanks again, Joe!

  2. Having some trouble after installing the 16.8.2 Driver. Every game I played worked well, except for Fallout 4. Fallout has like a white haze over everything and what looks like lines / distortion through ground effects. If you look up at the sky then building will rend, otherwise it has the white haze over everything. The opening into and video runs fine.

    Any ideas?

    • Are you on the m395x? Fallout 4 is working fine for me with these drivers. I have mods installed and everything.

  3. hi! thank you for your great job! here is my feedback and question.
    I installed the 16.8.2 alternate edition on m395(not m395X). the installation finished without any trouble but the driver version displayed in radeon settings is 15.301 with the software version 15.11, just the same as Seltaeb Beatles said above. is it normal?
    can i take the way of thinking the driver is already updated to 16.8.2 while it is made to display 15.301 in order to cheat the hardware certification(or maybe something else that prevents the installation)?

    • The software and driver versions are actually correct (15.11 and 15.301). The latter shows up as the older version because of the mixed-and-matched files between the stock bootcamp drivers and files from the latest available driver.

      The only additional thing I did was to run Joe’s ‘standard’ (non-395X) 16.8.2 mxdriver installer and unselect driver component during the installation. This gave me the other missing components (Gaming Evolved, VulkanRT etc). This seems to be working correctly for now, but I will run further tests and post back here.

      For other people’s reference, the steps I followed are –
      * DDU existing drivers
      * Install mxdriver alternate edition
      * Run the mxdriver standard edition, without installing the driver component

      This is for the M390, but no reason it wouldn’t work for M395X etc as well.

      • i followed Zoda’s solution and merged a 16.8.2 handmade driver myself and it worked on M395. the driver version displayed in radeon settings is still 15.301 but directX 12 can be turned on now and performance(FPS) has been improved when running Rise of The Tomb Raider.
        also, if driver files in the Alternate Edition have already been replaced with the newest official ones, just like what Zoda did below, the direct installation of alternate edition should also work. and the actual effects of your steps should be equal to Zoda’s.

        here is his solution:
        – download original AMD/Apple bootcamp driver (15.301)
        – download and install latest MXdriver (16.8.1) but do not select the Radeon driver, install all other components
        – download newest 16.8.1 driver from AMD
        – Extract original Apple driver and navigate to the folder “Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B299426” (this folder contains the uncompressed display driver files)
        – Extract new AMD driver and navigate to the folder “Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B305570” that contains compressed display driver files
        – uncompress all the files with an .xx_ extension in the same folder (use 7zip)
        – copy and overwrite all the files from the new AMD driver folder to the original Apple driver folder
        – uninstall the Apple display driver in Windows device manager (can take some time) until device manager shows microsoft basic display adapter
        – choose update driver and navigate manually to the inf file in WT6A_INF folder from the original apple driver”

        • You are right. I too had followed zoda’s method earlier and it worked. The alternate install + running standard installer (without driver installation) seems an easier way to get there.

          BTW, I also noticed DirectX 12 support improvement with Tomb Raider with these new hybrid driver files. Not sure if there is any improvement for other games. 3DMark scores have not improved definitely.

  4. I see there are more/different steps in the comments and I’ve never done this before. Can someone give me an easy step by step on the best way to do this? I’m on the late 2015 395x Windows 10. Thanks.

    • Don’t get confused by the comments. For the M395X, you only need to do the following steps, which are mentioned in the original post-

      – Download the Alternate installer for M395X:!awdS3bjY!qgynVX7KcKc2LuKvD3pkgfMdzLItSIEqkiSe4mPuzhY

      – Follow instructions here (this includes downloading and running an utility which will remove the existing drivers):

      – Install the alternate driver you downloaded earlier. Done!

      • Thanks so much. So after I do this can I update normally or do I get the updated drivers from here?

        • you always needs to update from here unless AMD releases a newer official driver for MAC graphics.
          Also, the driver version displayed in radeon settings will remain 15.301 but it actually works the same as the latest driver.

      • I tried this and none of my games worked.
        1. Uninstall the old driver completely. Best is to use current version of Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)!
        I did this first but I really didn’t know what I was doing it was recommended to run it in safe mode so I did then I chose I think it was -clean and uninstall option- was that right? And I let it do its thing. After the restart I went to step 2: Activate Testsigning via command line: bcdedit.exe -set testsigning on but i got a error about something was missing or could not be found? So I went to step 3 same error so I unzipped mXmod Driver
        and ran setup.exe. It installed but gaming evolved could not find the driver info. Thankfully DDU created a restore point so i did that. Where did i go wrong? I wish there was a video or pictures of step by step.

  5. Would I be able to play the bf1 beta with these drivers? My iMac has the M395 and the 15.301.2101 driver. bf1 requires atleast 16.20.1025 to work. If it’s worth a shot, which install should I select? If this works it would make my week 😉


    • That’s definitely worth a shot! I have the same Mac to yours and the driver works normally so far on several games. All you need to do is to follow these steps said by Seltaeb Beatles above. Remember to backup important data before starting.

      – Download the Alternate installer for M395X:!awdS3bjY!qgynVX7KcKc2LuKvD3pkgfMdzLItSIEqkiSe4mPuzhY

      – Follow instructions here (this includes downloading and running an utility which will remove the existing drivers):

      – Install the alternate driver you downloaded earlier. Done!

    • Yes it does work, however you need edit the registry to “update” your version number after you do the install to the one required by BF1 (16.20.1025).

      (be very careful with editing the registry! As with installing this “hacked” driver, you are at your own risk!!)

      – First open regedit.exe (Start-Run type regedit, or Windows 10, type run in the search field then type regedit)
      – Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class
      – Right click the Class folder and choose Find… then search for “15.301”
      – Replace the first one you find (DriverVersion) with 16.20.1025.0 (I had to hit F3 one more time to get it to actually highlight)
      – Press F3 to search next, and replace “ReleaseVersion” with “16.20.1025-160209a-299468C” (NOTE: Im not sure if your computer will show different numbers after the 16.20.1025-###, if it does make sure to keep it the same as that is what I did.)
      Press F3 and you’ll find a few more to do (I think it was something like 7 or 8 more). Just replace the shorter numbers with just “16.20.1025.0” and the longer numbers with “16.20.1025-160209a-299468C”

      After that, I got Battlefield 1 Beta to launch without the error AND I got it to run in 5K and high settings at around 30fps! If youre looking for 60+ im sure you could just knock the res down a peg or two, but 5K looked gorgeous! (I have the 27in 4.0ghz i7, M395X, and 24GB of RAM, so that probably helps too)

      • I was just about to post this exact answer. I can confirm that this works, as I did it last night. DX12 performance is terrible in BF1, so stick with DX11. I have the M395/i7 6700K combo.

      • Does this look right to you?
        First one I saw..
        Before edit:


        And the Next
        Before edit:


        • Ok I got it I was using your driver version “15.301” and not mine thus it wasn’t really making any sense. Thanks for the info:)

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