The below listed links mostly point to utilities and demos. These programs can give you detailed information about your hardware and driver versions or help you with installing or uninstalling a driver. If you like to dig deeper into the driver you really should give those programs a try! We know there might be other programs with similar functions outside but these we use for years now and they never disappointed us. What are your favorite utilities? Leave a comment if you like.

Sometimes AMD does subtle changes to their Radeon drivers so make sure to visit this webpage from time to time as with newer releases it could be reasonable to use another or a newer tool with more features.


  • Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) – a very good tool to completely uninstall your display driver
  • GPU-Z – a utility which provides many details about your graphics card
  • HWMonitor – shows temperature, voltage and other infos about your GPU, CPU and more devices
  • CPU-Z – shows many details about your CPU
  • 7-Zip – free (un-)compressing tool for extracting 7z, ZIP and many other archives

Demos and Benchmarks

  • Stardust Vulkan API Demo (doesn’t work with versions 16.9.2 or higher of mXDriver)
  • Basemark GPU Vulkan Performance Test (not yet out)