mXDriver 16.11.1 based on Crimson 16.11.1 for Windows 8.1 and 10

mXDriver 16.11.1 is based on AMD’s Radeon Crimson 16.11.1  and brings support for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. It also has bugfixes so I recommend you upgrade. On my dual D700’s it’s working flawlessly. Vulkan support is also included and gives Doom a big fps boost. Please note: Newer versions of the Vulkan API (1.0.26+) don’t work with the Vulkan Stardust Demo although other applications like Doom work great in Vulkan mode.

If you have troubles running a Vulkan application, which ran with mXDriver 16.9.1 Reloaded (Vulkan API 1.0.21), than it should be sufficient if you replace amdvlk64.dll in C:\Windows\System32 with an older version. mXDriver 16.11.1 comes with version 1.0.26 of amdvlk64.dll, to get version 1.0.21 of amdvlk64.dll you can just use the file from mXDriver 16.9.1 Reloaded. The file is located in the ZIP-Archive under Packages/Drivers/Display/WT6A_INF/B******/ (the * are placeholders for a sequence numbers which change with every release). If this advice does not help you please let me know in the comments section.

This version of mXDriver also re-introduces Windows 8.1 (64-Bit) support as it was requested by the community. I don’t have a system to test the Windows 8.1 mXDriver so please give feedback! This release also has support for AMD Radeon HD 6750M and 6970M, please support any problems.

For a more detailed look into the changes of 16.11.1 please see the changelog.

For prerequisities and installation details please see the mXDriver Howto.


Download: mXDriver-16.11.1-64Bit-Win10

SHA1 Checksum: f8b7eb429d5e2d47a3b7589c3e7a8d50e5651cd1

Download: mXDriver-16.11.1-64Bit-Win8.1

SHA1 Checksum: 02641dfac56f9dd116d6c097779e2282dd27b61f

Supported GPUs

Mac Pro

D300, D500, D700


M290, M290X, M295X, M380, M390X, M395, M395X

MacBook Pro

HD 6750M, HD 6970M, M370X

37 comments on “mXDriver 16.11.1 based on Crimson 16.11.1 for Windows 8.1 and 10

    • If you install the Code Signing Certificate first you should be able to install without testsigning mode. Just follow the Howto. I think it should work on Windows 8.1, too.

  1. Again the “Extended FirePro Settings” doesn´t open. But everything else works. Damn, i wanted to enable Crossfire.

    • I think DDU is uninstalling important .dll files which are required by the system. MacPro users in future would be wise to use the AMD cleanup utility instead of DDU.

      • On my way through google searches i already found the hint to use the amd cleanup utility. I did. It doesn´t changed anything.

  2. German; Mein MacPro (D700s) kann mit den mxdriver nie herunterfahren. Windows hängt beim Herunterfahren und startet anschliessend neu. Muss immer unter OS X neustarten, Computer wird abgewürgt, damit ich ihn dann ausschalten kann.

    English: My MacPro with the D700’s crash allways when I will shut down Windows. The Mac restarts after crash… Only under OS X I can power off the Mac. What can I do?

    • Same issue for me on an MacPro with the D500. Error 41 with every driver later than the official bootcamp driver. Found no solution yet.

      • Found a solution (MacPro D700): Disable crossfire the driver (gaming-tab -> global settings)
        Since I did this my Mac shuts down normally.
        Hope it works for you too!

        • Hey, that’s the solution for error 41! Great! But when disable global, for me battlefield drops fps from 100 to 40. Tried to enable different CrossFire settings in the game profile tab but fps stays low. So, how to enable crossfire for the game?

          • Good to hear!
            For me BF1 is running 1080p with high to ultra settings (no DX12 and no Crossfire) and i get 45-60 fps, i guess it could be higher but it works for me.
            But I don’t think you can enable Crossfire for one specific game if it’s set to off in the global settings.

    • You have to disable crossfire! Second check out free Driver booster 4 Software for driver searching! You will be very surprised! Roll back funktion,- but i used them all!

    • It seems like there is an issue with AMD’s driver for the Radeon R9 M390 which also affects the official Boot Camp driver released by Apple/AMD!
      On Windows 7 systems M390 seem to work but on newer operating systems (Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) users get “Code 43” errors with the official Boot Camp driver, too. Because of this mXDriver cannot deliver support for the Radeon R9 M390 GPU in Apple iMacs as long as these issues aren’t fixed by AMD or Apple.

      For further information please see this post in Apple’s forums:

      If something changes and we can get M390 support on Windows 8 and above mXDriver will get an update to support M390.

        • I read this, yes, but as I don’t have Windows 7 and no M390 I am not able to test. Next driver release will come with Windows 7 support, then you folks can try if it works with your M390.

  3. Can not install driver following instructions. Installer just says that gpu driver “not installed” (other amd’s bundled utils installs fine).
    Any tips for in-depth analysis or something?
    MBP M370X, Windows 10 [Version 10.0.14393], DDU Version

    • That sounds like a code signing issue. Please make sure you installed the code signing certificate which came with mXDriver correctly otherwise installation of driver will fail.

      • I can confirm D700 is not freesync compatible.
        At least I cannot activate freesync on my Acer freesync monitor. I have the D700s.
        144hz looks pretty nice regardless of freesync 🙂

        • Hey thanks for replying. I should have mentioned I recently got a 27″ AOC 144Hz and the same, freesync not supported but at 144Hz everything is buttery smooth anyway. The cards are based on AMD 7970’s which are not Freesync compatible.

  4. Are these drivers compatible with the imac 21.5 mid 2011, they have the same HD 6750M as de MacBook pro.
    But when I try to install them, the graphic driver is not on the list. But there are no errors.

      • Thanks for replying! I had it working some time ago using the stock drivers from Apple, based on Catalyst. However I cannot get it to run using the larest mxdriver.

        Is anyone able to get it to work?

        • If you post a description of exactly what happens when you run the game, maybe somebody that knows your exact issue can help find a solution.

          • Thanks, I will give it a try to explain.

            I start to enable the crossfire logo as it shows as an overlay on games where crossfire is enabled.

            I also tried various profiles.

            Simply put, the game only uses one graphics card , as if crossfire mode was disabled.

  5. Ok, so the game works, it just seems to use only one card?

    Just a point, I think the global settings to not take effect if a game profile exists. Delete any profile you have for this game then only change global settings in catalyst (so it is easier to test).

    Rather than rely on the logo, If you disable crossfire in catalyst then test the game, does it run at the same speed as when crossfire is enabled?

    Disable VSync (Always off) in Catalyst drivers.

    What happens if you run in fullscreen windowed mode? Same thing?

    Did you read that link I posted about settings from the other user?

    • Hi Geoff,

      Full screen windowed mode makes no difference, the game runs on only one card. Confirmed also by MSI Afterburner.

      I also checked out the thread on you linked to, as well as your other tips but it makes no difference.
      Thanks anyway for trying and for helping!


  6. nmp,l2013,D700/Windows 8.1 patched until today (including .netfx / visualstudio2013runtime)


    – I removed the original Bootcamp6 by cleanup utility
    – I managed to install the (!)experimental(!) 8.1×64 of 16.11.1 with your codesigning.
    – After installing both D700 are registered as “AMD FirePro D700 (FireGL V)” as per version within hardware manager
    – There again was the missing qt5core.dll, but you can easily fix this by running the repair of your included \Packages\Apps\CN\CNext\cnext64\ccc-next64.msi

    Problem: The radeonsettings.exe thinks I’m not having an AMD and therefore won’t launch. Games like Sniper Elite do run smooth. Coming back to sierra and reading temperatures I see both D700 have been used ingame 😉

    I’m looking forward to see a new release of you – maybe then I’m able to change some settings, e.g. disabling usage of both or framerate limit to save at least some energy.

    Thank you for your outstanding work!

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