mXDriver 16.11.4 out

This release took some time as I was busy with other things. mXDriver 16.11.4 is based on AMD’s Radeon Crimson 16.11.4  and brings the usual optimizations from AMD (newly supported games and bugfixes). On my dual D700’s it’s working flawlessly. Vulkan support is also included and gives Doom a big fps boost. Please note: Newer versions of the Vulkan API (1.0.26+) don’t work with the Vulkan Stardust Demo although other applications like Doom work great in Vulkan mode.

If you have troubles running a Vulkan application, which ran with mXDriver 16.9.1 Reloaded (Vulkan API 1.0.21), than it should be sufficient if you replace amdvlk64.dll in C:\Windows\System32 with an older version. mXDriver 16.11.4 comes with version 1.0.26 of amdvlk64.dll, to get version 1.0.21 of amdvlk64.dll you can just use the file from mXDriver 16.9.1 Reloaded. The file is located in the ZIP-Archive under Packages/Drivers/Display/WT6A_INF/B******/ (the * are placeholders for a sequence numbers which change with every release). If this advice does not help you please let me know in the comments section.

This version of mXDriver features Windows 8.1 (64-Bit) support as it was requested by the community. I don’t have a system to test the Windows 8.1 mXDriver so please give feedback! This release has also support for AMD’s Radeon HD 6750M and 6970M, please report any problems.


For a more detailed look into the changes of 16.11.4 please see the changelog.

For prerequisities and installation details please see the mXDriver Howto.

Download: mXDriver-16.11.4-64Bit-Win10

SHA1 Checksum: 5ef66f1c0aa6a1b3678f43f8d372f8bb80377c50

Download: mXDriver-16.11.4-64Bit-Win8.1-Rev02

SHA1 Checksum: 94c886ef655677eccdcfe27739930def1f2ed22d


Supported GPUs

Mac Pro

D300, D500, D700


M290, M290X, M295X, M380, M390X, M395, M395X

MacBook Pro

HD 6750M, HD 6970M, M370X

42 comments on “mXDriver 16.11.4 out

  1. nmp, D700, Windows 8.1 pro x64

    The setup won’t work because of it says there is no proper AMD Card, in it’s predecessor (your 16.11.1) the installer was OK.

    • You’re right. I’m sorry there was a missing flag in one of the config files. I’ll re-upload the bugfixed release.

  2. Works fine for me on D500 ! Thanks for your job, if one day you give up, send me a message and I will try to resume this work

  3. OpenCL is broken with this and any other mxdriver, get deviceQuery demo from

    latest working driver is official 15.11 driver for firepro.

    [oclDeviceQuery.exe] starting…

    oclDeviceQuery.exe Starting…

    OpenCL SW Info:

    Error -1001 in clGetPlatformIDs Call !!!

    !!! Error # -1000 (Unspecified Error) at line 46 , in file .\oclDeviceQuery.cpp !!!


  4. hi,
    can i get this driver running on win7 x64? if so, which is preferrable (w10, w8.1) and how?

  5. Hey Joe,

    I’m using this latest driver on the 5k iMac and I’ve noticed that when using the Crimson Control Center it shows the iMac display as a display group that it’s created on it’s own. Is there any way to display the 5k resolution as a single display instead of side-by-side 2560×2880 displays?

    R9 M295X

    I seriously appreciate all the work you’ve put into this.

    • This is because of the two timing controllers used to power each half of the display, so no it is not possible to have it as a single display.

  6. Works great (iMac with 395x), except in DaVinci Resolve where it complains that OpenCL is not available. Any suggestions?

  7. Working on a nMP D300 setup. Your work is SOOOOOOO appreciated. Without you, I would have sold this machine and bought a PC / Hackintosh.

  8. hi,
    *not related to 16.11.4**
    can you pls reactivate download link for Crimson 16.2.1 (supposedly the latest one supporting HD6xxxM).
    thanks in advance.

  9. iMac 2011 with 6970m 2gb. Can’t install 16.11.4. In the install process, I just can’t see the graphic driver checkbox. It seems the drive don’t support my graphic card totally.

  10. Imac mid 2015 5k AMD Radeon R9 M290 doesn’t work on Windows 10 anniversy.
    Still error 43.

    • I have the same issue even though my iMac is late 2014 5K AMD R9 M290x. I believe this is caused by Windows 10. If you were to install Windows 7, the driver should work.

  11. Has anybody an Idea how to get the “Extended Driver Setttings” to work?!? It loads something but never open a Window or something. MacPro with 2x D700 here. Anything else work.

    • Yes I have found a fix. Its because AMD’s installer doesnt correctly install all of the necessary files for Mac Pro users.

      • you mean updated 16.11.4 win8.1-64bit ver.2 worked for iMac with 2Gb 6970M ?\
        you mean 16.2 beta (version hacked to 16.11.5) for legacy cards (HD5000 and 6000 series) ?

        thx in advance

  12. installation process of drivers (x64-Crimson-16.2.1-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Feb27-Legacy-bootcampdrivers) finishes successfully. However device manager indicates there is problem with the driver. Drivers do not work.

    trying with Modded AMD Radeon Crimson 16.2.1 for Mac Pro available on this forum. will shortly report.

    • nay, no luck.
      16.2.1 (source: bootcampdrivers, version hacked to 16.11.5) installs but do not function.
      16.2.1 (source: mxdriver) install, but no changes happen. device manager indicates microsoft vga drivers

  13. Any chance of pushing a driver to work on iMac mid 2011? Addicted to COD and Ghost Recon. Slow in the cut scenes to Infinite Combat and looking forward to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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