mXDriver 16.12.2 -New Year, New Release, New Year’s Pledge

Happy New Year to everyone out there! It’s been a while since the last release. This is because of too much work and too less spare time. Therefor I had to decide how to go on with mXDriver in 2017. The good part, mXDriver will also see new releases in 2017! But I need to reduce the amount of time invested in this (spare time) project, so I decided to only release for Windows 10 64-Bit from now on and skip support for older GPUs e.g. AMD’s Radeon HD 6770M. This helps keeping mXDriver alive. I hope those of you who are using pre-Windows 10 OSes or Radeon HD6770M are not to mad about it and might consider switching to Windows 10 64-Bit or are lucky to get a newer Mac.

So here it is 2017’s first release of mXDriver based on December’s Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2. mXDriver 16.12.2 brings the usual optimizations from AMD (newly supported games and bugfixes). Vulkan support is also included and gives Doom a big fps boost. Please note: Newer versions of the Vulkan API (1.0.26+) don’t work with the Vulkan Stardust Demo although other applications like Doom work great in Vulkan mode.

If you have troubles running a Vulkan application, which ran with mXDriver 16.9.1 Reloaded (Vulkan API 1.0.21), than it should be sufficient if you replace amdvlk64.dll in C:\Windows\System32 with an older version. mXDriver 16.12.2 comes with version 1.0.26 of amdvlk64.dll, to get version 1.0.21 of amdvlk64.dll you can just use the file from mXDriver 16.9.1 Reloaded. The file is located in the ZIP-Archive under Packages/Drivers/Display/WT6A_INF/B******/ (the * are placeholders for a sequence numbers which change with every release). If this advice does not help you please let me know in the comments section.

For a more detailed look into the changes of 16.12.2 please see the changelog.

For prerequisities and installation details please see the mXDriver Howto.

Download: mXDriver-16.12.2-64Bit-Win10

SHA1 Checksum: 8547c091d78f0a7a0f3479c6c16b7269c5094598


Supported GPUs

Mac Pro

D300, D500, D700


M290, M290X, M295X, M380, M390X, M395, M395X

MacBook Pro


11 comments on “mXDriver 16.12.2 -New Year, New Release, New Year’s Pledge

    • note to anyone installed this driver – unpack with 7zip or other app, don’t unpack with explorer, it will preserve blocked bit on any unpacked file.

  1. Happy new year and thanks for your work!
    On my MacPro Late 2013 the extended FirePro Settings Dialog still not opening. So i cant activate Crossfire 🙁
    I tried all Tipps from the Internet – nothing helped.

    • I have same issue, but luckily I did not deactivate crossfire before installing these drivers – so while I cannot change it, crossfire works. Except in heroes of the storm which mystically does not recognize the crossfire setup.
      (mac pro, D700s)

  2. I haven’t been able to get Doom to run with Vulcan enabled in this or previous updates. I have a 5k iMac I think mid-2014 or 15 with the M295X graphics card. It immediately crashes after enabling Vulcan and crashes on startup afterwards.

    This is what’s displayed on the DOOM Console after it crashes

    Configured log listener print-redirect tags
    Added structured log listener print-redirect
    Added structured log listener mp-cloud-gobbler
    2017-01-13T13:21:19.006-07:00 LOG: Process started
    Winsock Initialized
    —— Initializing File System ——
    Current search path:
    – C:/Users/Jorda/Saved Games/id Software/DOOM/base/
    – D:/Games/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/DOOM/base/
    —— File System initialized.
    —— Command Line ——
    “D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64vk.exe” D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64.exe +com_SkipIntroVideo 1 +m_smooth 0 +r_renderAPI -2 +com_gameMode 1 +com_restarted 1

    I know you’re busy and I appreciate what you do so don’t feel pressured to get back to me. I’ll just keep trying different things and sticking to Google.

  3. Thanks a lot for all your work! Anyone get ReLive to work? I’m on a MacPro (late 2013) with D500s. Currently fiddling around with ReLive trying to get it working. The driver itself is working perfectly, I should note.

  4. Hi, Joe. I need your help. I am using iMac with M395x driver. I got display freeze issue (not so sure about display freeze or computer freeze because the caps lock light on Apple Keyboard cannot be switched on when I pressed it). Should I wait for your next stable release or switch back to your previous release? Thx.

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