mXDriver 16.5.1

AMD released Radeon Crimson 16.5.1, for a detailed changelog please see AMDs website.

mXDriver supports AMD Graphics powered Mac Pros (2013+), Retina iMacs and MacBook Pros (2015+). To see all supported GPUs please see listing below.

mXDriver also supports all the GPUs which the original Radeon Crimson 16.5.1 supports out of the box. So beside your Apple specific AMD GPUs the driver is also suitable for newer AMD PC GPUs.

Currently supported GPUs by mXDriver:

Mac Pro

D300, D500, D700


M290X, M295X, M380, M390, M395, M395X

MacBook Pro



For installation your Windows needs to be in Testsigning Mode otherwise installation will fail!
For prerequisities and installation details please see the mXDriver Howto.

Download: mXDriver-16.5.1-64Bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7

SHA1 Checksum: 6f32b2cf95ff9ff02445e07f4c61470bcf944d19

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  1. im a new Mac Pro user, got two D300 GPU

    just installed mXDriver 16.5.1 (completely follow your step)

    but, in photoshop, i lost my gpu acceleration (Edit > Preferences > Performance), option is UNSELECTABLE

    it says i dont have a gpu with at least 512 VRam

    whats goin on?

    • I have a dual D700 which is working fine. As I don’t have Photoshop I cannot analyze this problem but I think it’s on AMD’s side.
      Does other software work as expected?

      • just found out the best way for new Mac Pro w/h dual D300, D500 & D700 is not to modify them to R9 300 series

        if you change them into R9 300 Series, Photohop wont recognize the GPU

        so we should keep them as R9 200 Series

        1st, you should add




        find these contents in \Display\WT6A_INF\C*******.inf


        under setion [ati2mtag_R575]

        then remove them all

        3rd, using inf2cat.exe re-creat cat file

        final step, using Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider v1.3b to sign C****.inf and c*****.cat

        okay, now enjoy the new driver!

        • Hi heeroyuyj,

          thanks for your comment. I know this procedure although there are some more steps needed to get things working.
          D300, D500 and D700 should be installed as those, if some of them shows as R9 200 or R9 300 there is something wrong. How do they show in your Windows Device Manager?

          • ’cause i used ‘s mod driver at first (Author: Remko Weijnen)

            his mod driver is not perfect before, i installed them, and my D300 shows a R9 3** + R9 200 series

            then Remko Weijnen sloved these issues just like you, he add strings, so the D300, D500 and D700 will show as Firepro D**

            but like i said above, Photoshop CC (also include CC 2015) cannot recognize R9 300 series or Firepro D**

            only way to work? R9 series

  2. Hi guys,

    I’ve been trying to install this drivers (and modding myself the drivers) for a long time with different versions without any luck.

    I’ve tried also a clean install with the same result. What happens is that when the installation begins, just a minute in, I get a black screen and then mi iMac reboots into repair mode.

    I have a late 2015 imac@m380 and testsigning mode enabled.

    Do you have any idea about how to fix it? Thank you!

    • I released mXDriver 16.5.2, could be that this driver solves your problem, otherwise please report.

      • Yesterday I finally managed to install mxdriver 16.5.1 by merging files from bootcamp driver and mxdriver, and now games like Forza (Windows Store) launch, but I’m getting a lot of graphical glitches. I’ll try your new version and see how it goes.

        Thank you.

        • Glad to hear that! 🙂

          I had also problems with glitches in World of Warships. That seemed to be a Crossfire problem, when I turned Crossfire off the glitches were gone completely.

          • Uninstalled this version and went for the updates. I’m having the same issues, black screen, crash and reboot mid installation (16.5.2 and 🙁

            I was having lots of issues with 16.5.1 mixed with bootcamp files, for example I couldn’t access to the AMD configuration panel (no hardware compatible error).

            ARrrrhhghgh 🙁

        • Interested to hear how you merged the bootcamp files to get boot working?

          • Hi Josh,

            I copied and pasted the content of the bootcamp driver C0******.inf file to the mxdriver C0******.inf. Everything but the header.

            Then, I copied the rest of the (bootcamp) Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\ folder to the mxdriver and got it working.

            But again, I was getting lots of glitches and had to return to the official bootcamp driver. I can’t play some games because the driver not being updated but since mxdriver doesn’t work…

  3. Hello 🙂

    (see specs from the computer down)
    I had an issue and solved it looking at other people having similar issues.
    Because I really like the job you do. I mean, why AMD never realease a real gaming/3D performance driver for the AMD firepro with windows bootcamp…I don’t know… Actually you are doing the job they could have done…
    Thanks for that, and write to them telling that this is a nonsense to have so bad “official” drivers.

    So let explain my issue (in case that somebody as the same)
    When I installed following the explanation it was okay but after I couldnt even access to the Firepro setup tab wich is weird.
    I had always the error : “The program can’t start because Qt5Core.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” and some others dll like Widget, Extras…


    1 – Disable Driver Signature Enforcement : If it is not done launch command promt as administrator (the console, terminal, CMD) enter theses commands on after the other (wait for the successful message)
    bcdedit.exe -set testsigning on
    bcdedit.exe -set nointegritychecks on

    after reboot you should see “test mode windows 10 Build 10240” bottom right of the desktop.

    2 – Disable antivirus. (I also disconnected internet)
    3 – uninstall the amd driver (uninstall from the windows control panel)
    4 – Download and install the NetFramework 4.5 and Visual C 2013 :
    (install all the files that you can donwload)
    5 – You can run windows update and make alle updates (i was already up to date)
    6 – Launch the DDU to finish unsinstall amd drivers by selecting the unsinstall safe mode.
    7 – If you have it launch a registery cleaning with ccleaner. (to remove errors related with amd programs)
    8 – INSTALL mXDriver 16.5.1 as administrator and accept when it says that the driver it’s not signed.

    After all this, the driver will be installed and you’ll have the possibility to go in your settings and advanced settings, do presets for games, enable cross-fire etc…

    9 – enjoy 🙂

    sources :

    My computer specs :
    Mac pro 2013
    Dual Fire pro D700
    64GB ram Crucial
    Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch)
    500 gb SSD

    • Its to solve issue with that error :

      “The program can’t start because Qt5Core.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

      I think it was not really clear in my post 😉

    • Thanks for that, this is a great post!

      If it’s okay for you I would make this Howto available at a more prominent place on this website?

      • Yes do it is a nice idea, I mean, If it easier to find the how to for the people who have this problem then its better. 🙂

        • I added a FAQ and inserted your Howto! I also mentioned you as source for the Howto.

  4. Hi trying to identify if my GPU is covered in your driver update.

    MacBook Pro Early 2011
    AMD Radeon 6750M

    Devive ID 0x7641

    if you could help it would be much appreciated

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