mXDriver 16.7.3 for Boot Camp is out!

mXDriver 16.7.3 is a bugfix and optimizing release based on AMD Radeon Crimson 16.7.3. Details to the fixes and optimization offers AMD at its website.

mXDriver 16.7.3 supports AMD Graphics powered Mac Pros (2013+). Retina iMac and MacBook Pro (2015+) support is currently experimental and might not work! To see all supported GPUs please see listing below.

mXDriver 16.7.3 was made specifically for Mac users running Windows in a Boot Camp environment therefor mXDriver support for Non-Mac-Graphics is limited. Installing mXDriver on systems other than Apple systems is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Currently only FirePros (D300, D500 and D700) seem to work properly other Apple branded GPUs are experimental.

Supported GPUs by mXDriver:

Mac Pro

D300, D500, D700


M290X, M295X, M380, M390 (experimental)

MacBook Pro

M370X (experimental)


For installation your Windows needs to be in Testsigning Mode otherwise installation will fail!
For prerequisities and installation details please see the mXDriver Howto.

Download: mXDriver-16.7.3-64Bit-Win10

SHA1 Checksum: 35140f6bc942a65d7bcdf994924f5fd4f2966660

12 comments on “mXDriver 16.7.3 for Boot Camp is out!

  1. First of all, many thanks for your great work! Would you mind releasing drivers for m395x again in the future? IMac users desperately need workable Crimson 16.x drivers!

    • The current mXDrivers still include the modifications for M395X, so if mXDriver worked for your M395X in the past the current 16.7.3 should also work.
      It’s just that I never heard that any M395X worked with mXDriver and therefore stated the driver as experimental for M395X.
      Does your M395X work with older mXDriver releases? If so, which release?

        • It seems like the Radeon Crimson driver isn’t does miss compatibility to M395X hardware. Therefore it is not possible for me or other modders to enable M395X support in current AMD drivers.
          If the situation changes mXDriver will support M395X!

  2. Hi Folks, i have a last years` rImac (with a M295X) and it works fine amongst nearly every game! The only issue i noticed is frame stuttering in Doom 4 using the new Vulkan API.. It should run like hell (sounds funny in this context, lol) but i have huuuge framedrops during gameplay… Keep on at releasing this mXDriver thing! Thank you so much for this!!

    • Hi, it could be caused by an enabled Crossfire Mode. Try switching off Crossfire.

      • Short update: Tried to find the Crossfire Mode or Power Management settings but these options arent available in the driver suite… very strange :-/

        I went back to the original bootcamp drivers cause i also encountered framedrops in Just Cause 3

  3. Hi all,

    I made an interesting observation running m395. After installation, device manager doesn’t recognize my m395 anymore but mentions running a m390. After reset I get black screen and I need to get back to the bootcamp drivers which do recognize the graphic accelerator as m395… Perhaps the crimson drivers don’t support the m395 at all?

    • It seems like there is no hided support of M395X in the current Crimson drivers, yes. :-/

      Interesting is that your device was shown as M390, what are your device IDs?

  4. Hey Joe,

    I dug through the comments of the previous Releases to find any tips on how to maybe get the driver to run for my 2015 iMac R9 M395X, but haven’t been successful. I’m now downloading the most recent release, but I don’t have high hopes of it actually working.

    Is there any Information or so I could provide to help with this? I see a lot of frustrated people desperately looking for an updated driver, myself included …


    • Hey Kevin,

      I am sorry, M395X is currently not supported on mXDriver and other modded drivers.
      It seems like AMD has no M395X support in it’s default Radeon Crimson drivers, so it’s not possible to enable the M395Xs via a modded driver.

      I don’t want to say it’s impossible to enable support for M395X in the future, but currently there is no way, sorry. I know that many people are very interested in this.


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