This website deals with Mac related stuff. Most of it is more or less technical. The Mac is a great piece of hardware but as the percentage of Mac users is relatively small compared to Windows users it’s sometimes hard to find information on specific Mac problems. This website should help fill this gap – at least a bit.

Current focus of this website is on mXDriver an enhanced AMD Radeon Crimson driver for newer Macs. mXDriver is based on current Radeon Crimson versions and therefore makes Apple’s/AMD’s official Boot Camp driver look old and obsolete.

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  1. Hi.
    I have a MacPro 2013 with the AMD FirePro D500.
    Recently I purchase a ViewSonic VP2780-4K.
    My Mac recognize the monitor by Mini DisplayPort, but with a strange screen, 7680 x 4320 pixels. Of course my monitor is 4k only and no video was showing on the monitor.
    Do you think the driver you offer here can support my monitor.?
    On apple website tell that only 3 o 4 brands monitors 4k are support for Mac. My monitor not appear on that list.

    Thanks, and sorry about my little english.

    Carlos A.

    • Hi Carlos,

      mXDriver has no adjustments regarding Monitor support. mXDriver is a modification of AMD’s Radeon Crimson driver and enables your MacPro to run with newer driver versions than the ones officially released by AMD/Apple. So yes, mXDriver is a leap forward compared to the “latest” official Boot Camp Driver dated February 2016. Newer versions of mXDriver also offer Vulkan support but I am not sure they will solve your Monitor problems if it does please let me know.

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