Vulkan support and no Testsigning Mode anymore – mXDriver 16.9.2!

After a lot of work and testing I managed to get Vulkan working which was already experimental in mXDriver 16.9.1. As more and more users were requesting that mXDriver works without Testsigning Mode enabled because some games use Battleye anti-cheat software which does not allow games to run in Testsigning Mode I looked deeper into this matter. mXDriver 16.9.2, which is based on AMD’s Radeon Crimson 16.9.2, comes with a public Code Signing Certificate which allows, after installation of this certificate, to install mXDriver without being in Testsigning Mode (for details please see the attached README.TXT).

mXDriver 16.9.2 driver mod supports all current AMD based Mac GPUs (including M390, M390X, M395 and M395X GPUs) in one easy to install driver package! To see all supported GPUs please see below.


  • updated mXDriver to Radeon Crimson 16.9.2
  • Vulkan support
  • public Code Signing Certificate attached –> no Testsigning Mode needed anymore
  • performance boost of approx. 35 % with dual D700 in Unigine Valley (Extreme HD) compared to AMDs latest official Boot Camp driver

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