Unleash your Mac… in Boot Camp!

As a Mac user I use OS X 95 % of the time. But what about the rest? Well the other 5 % of the time I use mostly Windows, mainly for gaming. Regarding computer gaming Windows is still the No. 1 operating system out there, OS X and Linux couldn’t change that!

So sometimes I boot my Mac into Windows using Boot Camp. What really annoys me for quite some time is the drivers Apple delivers with Boot Camp are outdated. Especially the graphics drivers for my Macs AMD powered graphics card are nearly a year old – a very long time in computer graphics.

At first my idea was to visit www.amd.com and to download the current driver and install it. Good idea – bad luck! The driver doesn’t install and quits with the message “No supported graphics card found!”. But there is a solution!I managed to create a current Windows driver for my AMD powered Mac graphics and this one is installing AND running fine. It’s still in Alpha stage but I will keep you updated!